In Viljan we see all of our players individually for who they are. In that way we ensure the highest quality for everyone.

We want to be the best academy – not the biggest. 

Viljan is an option for elite players that wants to go whole heartedly into tennis and that maybe until now have had a difficult time finding a serious platform for that. We also have great options for players that don’t necessarily want to go all in, but still have a strong wish to improve themselves.

All of our primary players receive individual training planning, periodization plans and training programs to ensure the highest individual quality.

Fighting for world class tennis

We create Tennis Humans in an international perspective… 


To us world class tennis is only possible by developing harmonic Tennis Humans that are comfortable in their own strengths and weaknessess and have a strong identity. We search for their strength and potential and create unique playing styles from it. The harmony is created through the understanding and creation of a healthy balance of opposites that exists in all professional environments: Tennis life vs. education/friends/familiy, play vs. seriousness, success vs. failure etc.


Through a close relationship between player and coach (and other resources in Viljan), we develop tennis players with a world class attitude who will lead as great ambassadors for the sport and impress and inspire tennis fans everywhere. Besides all the skills we work with on court, we want the player to achieve a deeper sense of what it means to be a great tennis player with regards to athleticism, mentality, diet and human values. We want all our players to understand why we do the things we do and therefore we challenge them with questions with regards to these topics every day. We work carefully with the smallest details and expect a lot from our players – therefore the player can also expect a lot from us.


We always work in the longterm perspective. One of the principles in Viljan is that the setup itself is so self developing that it allows the player to go from rookie to rockstar. We want every player to take pride and feel comfortable in themselves through core human values so that achievement in tennis doesn’t define total success as humans. Before anything else first we are human beings. This is why no matter what career a Viljan member chooses they are gonna have a solid base for a good career.


The principle for both players and staff in Viljan is to look at each other and our competition as collegues and partners who make us better. If they get better – we get better. We also want to create an internal Viljan culture where we look at collegues (players and coaches) from other academies and training facilities as people that can make us better and excel at our craft. Therefore we are cooperating with training facilities, coaches and players around the world.