Elite tennis takes up your everyday – every day. This is why the joy of tennis is something that we value very highly and see as the main fuel for your passion. Joy is the foundation for your tennis career and knowing that will make the tough times a lot easier.


    How far do you want to go to achieve your potential? How much do you want to sacrifice to be great at your craft? In our opinion talent is measured in willpower, to keep going when others stop, to do more than is asked of you and to dream big and dare to go for it. When it comes down to it – it’s Viljan that matters.


    Top sport is a journey for life with great experiences, self development, friends for life and maybe the achievement of the ultimate goal. Only you can find the strength to get there and decide how far you really want to go. So the goal has to be there and it is something that we set and work on together to achieve.